Ferrari F8 Spider Is the Latest Supercar to Feature XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF from RikeCool

The Ferrari F8 Spider is one of the most powerful and attractive supercars from the Maranello supercar maker. With its removable top, exotic body style, V-8 twin turbo 3.9 liter engine, and 710 horsepower, the Ferrari F8 is one most expressive Ferrari in recent memory. Also, the F8 Spider is also exceedingly rare with only 747 examples produced in 2020. 

You must imagine then, that F8 owners are quite discerning as to which paint protection film will be applied to their supercar. Recently, the team at RikeCool has had the honor to have our XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF chosen for a recent installation on our client’s Ferrari F8 Spider.

What makes the XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF Supercar Worthy?

Ideally, a PPF is designed to protect the paint of a vehicle’s exterior while not causing any damage to the vehicle and not compromising the style or the look of the paint. The XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF is a high-performance, self-adhesive clear-coated polyurethane film designed to protect vehicles from chips, scratches, and other minor damage.

Flexible and strong enough for single-piece installation on supercars

As you know, the Ferrari F8 Spider has some of the most dramatic lines in the supercar world. Therefore, not all PPF films can be trusted to handle the job. The XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF however, has an exceptional elongation process that allows it to be applied – as a single piece -over complex exterior shapes. 

When it comes to more complex parts of the Ferrari F8 such as the bumper kits, fender, and display screen, the XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF was easier than expected to install. That means that this high-quality PPF will be an ideal choice for any supercar or hypercar of any shape and style.

Protection During the Application Process

Additionally, the XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF is coated with an ultra-clear high-performance acrylic adhesive that has excellent adhesive properties without causing any damage to the paint. This makes the XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF one of the most trusted choices for supercar owners. 

Brings Out the Best in a Supercar 

While the XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF is designed to do its primary job of protecting a vehicle’s exterior paint, it does not compromise the high gloss of the paint itself. The owner of any vehicle can rest assured that the overall look of his vehicle will not be compromised.

Meet the Team Behind Ferrari F8 Installation

It takes a special team to install a PPF that is up to the standards of the most discerning supercar collector. At RikeCool, we only use the highest quality PPF film from US to deliver professional-level work for Singapore’s top automobile drivers and collectors. Since 2003, RikeCool has served top clients with a wide variety of luxury vehicles and supercars. 

As an XPEL certified installer, we have access to pre-cut kits which allows for faster installation times and better fitment. For those who want to have their vehicle wrapped with the highest quality film – in the fastest possible team – the team at RikeCool is always ready to deliver.

Here’s a look at what sets us apart from the competition:

Certified installers

We have a team of certified installers who understand every part of the installation process and work with some of the most challenging vehicles in the market. Going beyond simple know-how, our team understands how patterns are designed which makes a big difference during installation.

Dust-free premises

To ensure the highest amount of purity of work, all of our client’s installation work is completed on dust-free premises. This ensures a clean installation each and every time.

Large custom database of patterns

We have one of the largest databases of pre-cut patterns available in the market. This allows us to operate with less waste and reduce installation times, and ensure a perfect fit.

Assured consistent quality

We are constantly researching and testing the latest films to ensure that our clients have access to the best quality products available for their vehicles.

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