RikeCool Polestar 2 Exclusive!

As with the latest EV to land in Singapore, we at RikeCool were honored to be the first to wrap and protect the incredible Polestar 2!

Using our finest paint protection film, we are excited to be the first to install PPF on this thrilling electric car. Leaving a beautiful finish to this sleek and modern 300kW machine, the Polestar 2 is capable of reaching the furthest corners of Asia with its more than 500km range in one full charge.

As an EV enthusiast and proud Polestar owner, you would want the utmost protection for your new machine. The Polestar 2 with its sleek minimalist design, which includes those Pixel LED headlights, 20” forged alloy wheels, and exterior creases that truly ooze a 21st-century modern vibe that makes it a breath of fresh air.

Paint Protection Films for the Polestar 2

Our XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF is the most advanced on the market today. Our skilled technicians will treat each Polestar uniquely, as we install a host of bespoke designed films that protect the paint in several exciting ways.

All kits printed in-house are carefully applied as follows: 

  • Firstly, the car is carefully inspected for any dings or scratches. 
  • Then our team extensively clean and detail the Polestar to ensure the car is in peak condition and ready for film application. 
  • The car is made slippery and lubricated for optimum installation of the film. 
  • Each piece is machine printed and cut to the tightest of tolerances and applied to the vehicle with utmost care and attention. 
  • Our team then pushes out any water and creases from the underside of the film and is fully inspected to ensure full coverage. 
  • This is then repeated for all the various panels of the car, including the roof and smaller trim pieces. 
  • Leaving you with a bold matte shine and ultimate protection for your paint!

Why RikeCool Paint Protection Films?

The advancement in material science means that your paint is protected from discoloring with Singapore’s extreme sunlight conditions and UV rays. The self-healing technology of our PPF can also restore any further swirl and light scratch marks that appear after wash cycles and normal use.

The long-lasting elastomeric polymer material used in XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF ensures no yellowing or peeling that you may experience in other films. Any unwanted dirt from road tar, bird droppings, or bug splatter can be easily wiped off using a cloth, leaving your Polestar 2 in as-new condition.

How RikeCool Solar Films keep the Polestar cool!

Solar Films are the ultimate protection against the intense conditions of Singapore’s climate. At RikeCool we offer the most advanced platinum series film, bespoke for your Polestar 2. Blocking almost all UV radiation on whichever option you go for, our skilled technicians will install the film to the highest standard without any blemishes or marks.

We have the RC80/85 setup which is installed on the front half of the car, offering 80-95% heat rejection from Infra-red radiation, less than 70% light transmission after application, with around 30-35% solar energy rejection – all in a package just 2mm thin!

Leaving you with that subtle tinted look to your new EV. This highest quality film offers no disturbance to devices such as toll road tags, as well as complying with both Singapore and Malaysia Road Safety Regulations. Leaving you cooler inside, sun-protected, and with complete peace of mind when you come to us!


Polestar 2 is just the beginning of this new brand of EV’s. With the demand for electric cars growing after concerns for the environment, we are seeing more exciting EV’s being released. If you are lucky enough to be owning the new Polestar 2 in Singapore, then do not hesitate to reach out and protect it with our bespoke XPEL Ultimate Plus film and Platinum Solar Film kits. Each installation comes with a warranty, a mirror-smooth finish, and superior durable protection for years to come!

Check Out all our Polestar paint protection kits today!

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