The New Brompton Electric Bike Edition 2022

Brompton announced the launch of its 2022 line, which includes the A-Line, C Line, and Electric C Line folding bikes.

Brompton is one of the most popular folding bike brands. Its status as a symbol of the category is so strong that it is almost synonymous with the type of bike it produces.

The Electric C line is exactly what a foldable electric bike should be – with a compact form factor and an innovative removable charging solution. Riding the Electric Brompton makes you realize how many different lifestyles it may open up. This is the ideal last mile solution to make the journeys at either end of your train or drive considerably faster and more comfortable. Especially thanks to the effortless folding mechanism and innovative electric assist modes (3 modes).

Brompton’s electric assist was designed in partnership with the Williams Advanced Engineering Team, which develops the motors for the Williams Formula One team. The Brompton’s battery and charger are nicely contained in a battery bag that clips on the bike’s front rack. This makes it easy to remove for charging or take it off to reduce weight. There is even an option for a bigger bag for an additional battery pack and storage space for the heavy users.

It’s also wonderful for a city ride, and makes cruising around a breeze with its automatic power assist mode with different levels of electrification. The ride feels perfectly natural for a bike of this size. Its battery is capable of traveling between 30km to 70km range per charge, depending on the level of power assistance and road conditions.

The New Brompton Electric Bike Design and Aesthetics

The New Brompton Electric Bike is obviously pleasing to the eye and has received a lot of praise throughout the testing period. The battery slides onto the front where there is normally a bag, it’s almost indistinguishable from a conventional analog Brompton. Of course, this is a folding bike, so the defining features include small wheels (16 inch) and a long seat stem, as well as a variety of foldaway elements to allow you to pack it all up.

The bike has a tab you press to release the back end hinge and fold the rear wheel underneath, for those unfamiliar with the distinctive three-part folding design. A hook on the non-drive side fork leg slides over the drive side seatstay to hold it in place, while another hinge is unlocked to allow the front end to swing to the back and side, allowing the wheels to be placed next to each other.

The frame or saddle can be used as a handle to carry the Brompton like a compact suitcase. On the little roller wheels, it can be simply pushed or dragged.  If you are looking for an electric bike with a small footprint, this is probably the best looking and versatile choice you can make. 

There isn’t just one Brompton model; the company offers a variety of options to accommodate all types of riders. Brompton used to name their bikes using a coding system, such as S3L, M6R, and H6L.

Paint Protection Films for Electric Bicycles

Paint protection film (PPF) is one of the best ways to protect your electric bike. Fixing dings, scrapes, or corrosion will cost you more in the long run. Instead of just painting, a good paint protection film will help give you peace of mind. The PPF kit is made from high quality Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Due to their self-healing properties, TPUs will work wonders to keep surfaces protected from stone chips, bug splatters, and abrasions.

Our first Brompton electric bike installation

We had the privilege of working on our first Brompton Electric. This is the Edition 22 White and Gold finish. Limited 100 sets worldwide. Check out our gallery and admire this work of art!

Advantages of Rikecool Paint Protection Film

Brompton paint protection film kits have many benefits to offer. For example, they’re extremely durable, so you can rest assured that your bike will remain in great condition for years to come. The film will also help to prevent UV damage, which means that your paint job will last even longer. Best quality films also improve aesthetics.

The high reflective glossy XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS will help keep you visible while you’re out on the road. Stand out among the group with our smooth satin option XPEL STEALTH.

We also offer RIKESHIELD PPF to give bicycle owners more PPF options in bicycle frame protection. RIKESHIELD PPF provides users with virtually all of the same benefits of XPEL PPF, more easily. Compared with XPEL, RIKESHIELD is extremely similar, other than the fact that it is easier to install on your bike, compared with XPEL which is a little stretchier. Order now and our professional team of installers will get in touch with you.

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