Self-healing paint protection

Rikecool Automotive Films

Rikecool is a trusted Singapore brand that has been using advanced film technologies from U.S. and Japan. With our leading solar films, paint protection films, and antimicrobial films, Rikecool offers a film for every need. Our product portfolio for automotive, bicycle, and architecture includes high performance films which enhance comfort and aesthetics.

Solar Film

Premier 28 Series, Platinum Series, UV Film Package, Sun Roof Protection

XPEL Paint Protection Film

Ultimate Plus, Stealth

Interior and Headlamp

XPEL Interior and Headlamp Protection Films


Smart Phones, POS Screens, Lift Buttons, Kitchen Countertops

Bicycle Frame Protection Film

Wide variety of Pre-cut templates and customization options

Home & Office Window Films

Solar films, Privacy films, Safety films, Decorative films

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PPF and Solar Film installation on Mercedes

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PPF installation for Lamborghini Urus

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I cannot find my car model or bicycle model in the online store.

Our team of designers and installers will customize a film kit to provide the best fitting template and installation quality for your beloved cars and bicycles. Get in touch with us today. 

Why choose XPEL?

As an authorized installer, our staff are trained and certified by XPEL. They use XPEL’s DAP technology to create templates efficiently, accurately and without concern, giving our customers the highest quality assurance.

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