New Brompton T Line Frame Protection Kit

Brompton T Line is the latest innovation from the prestigious UK folding bike manufacturer. As the “T” suggests, this is their first launch into titanium frames, with options of single speed “one” and 4 speed “one” “urban” models.

Why Titanium? Titanium is considered a premium bike frame material, being both lighter and stronger than steel, and similar weight but much stronger than aluminum whilst having more flex to deaden road vibration. The process of extracting titanium metal ore is expensive and power-intensive. Furthermore, it is difficult to weld, requiring expert skilled frame builders. This makes it an expensive frame material. However, frames can last decades without any sign of wear when properly cared for and are much less likely to crack.

This explains why the T range starts at $7,465, which is a considerable investment for an item designed to face the rough and tumble of urban cycling, dragging on and off trains/buses, and folded and unfolded in offices and elevators. All of this makes the frame prone to those annoying scratches and chips if not protected. For that reason, RikeCool has developed the Brompton T Line specific XPEL and Rideshield Paint Protection Kit.

New Brompton T Line with XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection

As mentioned, titanium frames can last a lifetime, so our films are an investment for these new frames. The kit is available in XPEL for gloss and matte finishes and RIKESHIELD for Gloss finish. Whilst similar, XPEL is our more premium film, and RIKESHIELD the more affordable option. Read about the differences and similarities of each in our article here.

Whichever option you choose, they have the same key features:

High level protection

Stop rock chips, nicks and scratches in the paint, and keep your Brompton looking as good as the day it rolled off the London factory production line. Folding bicycles take a lot of wear and tear; On top of cycling, it is inevitable that the frames will rub up against train doors and get caught in tight elevators. Our PPF films will help to protect against all chips, scratches, fading, and damage caused by daily use and the elements.

It is invisible

Both the One and Urban come in a fantastic gunmetal grey paint scheme, which we want you to show off. Both our film options have very impressive nominal thicknesses that make them near invisible to the naked eye; RIKESHIELD offers a nominal thickness of just 1mm, whereas XPEL has a nominal thickness of 7.6mil which is just 0.19mm. Put simply, both layers of film are so thin you won’t even be able to see that they’re there. They also do not yellow over time. Both will ensure that you can show off your Brompton’s paint while keeping it protected!

Easy to clean

Using your Brompton for year-round commuting, means cycling in all weathers and conditions. Including mud and rain. Rain, grime and dirt doesn’t stick on our PPF films like it does on paint. No matter how many puddles and mud your commute takes you on, the film will reduce how much stays on, and makes it easy to clean off. You will need to wash your bike less and make it less dirty to take on trains, buses and office buildings.


Helicopter and bicycle tape needs to be changed when it gets worn out and their adhesive becomes weak. Our PPF films have self-healing properties; The film utilizes elastomeric polymers which enable scratches and chips on the film’s surface to “heal” as time goes by. They can regain their original finish from small scratches. People generally change the tape when it gets worn out or accumulated too many scratches. Our self-healing film kits last much longer and only need to be fitted once.

Quality finishing

Available in a glossy or a matte finish, you can choose which aesthetic you wish to give your bike. The clear coat reduces grime accumulation, eliminating the need to constantly wash and polish your bike to give it that bright and shiny ‘new bike look’ that we all love so much. The self-healing technology keeps the frame looking smooth and does not yellow or fade, regardless of sun exposure, storage conditions, or age, so your bike will stay looking its best for longer.

These are the key features of our Brompton bicycle frame film protection kits. Check out the amazing end results of our Brompton T Line Paint Protection Kit.

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