Prepare Your Car for Your Next Malaysia Trip!

Many Singaporeans are looking forward to driving to Malaysia now that the restrictions are lifted. To make your driving adventure free of hassles, remember some issues the road may present before you make the trip.

What problems come with the trip?

We all know how to prepare the car for a road trip. Get the correct pressure in the tires, align and balance the wheels, fill the tank, properly load the trunk, check all fluids and replace the necessary ones… it is definitely nothing that a specialized repair shop and an attentive owner cannot handle.

Even though those precautions have immeasurable value in the prevention of problems, there are some others that simply cannot be prevented. The projection of stone chips onto the car is one of them as you will be traveling at a higher highway speed in excess of 100km/hr on a road condition not as ideal as Singapore.  Coupled with the higher frequency of heavy trucks and large commercial vehicles traveling on the highway, the chances of these vehicles throwing projectiles at you are highly possible. 

What damage can stone chips cause?

Damage to paint caused by stone chips

The mildest possibility is peeling off the paint’s outer layer, especially on front-end parts such as the bumper and the hood. Stone chips can remove the entire paint on the area, raise edges around the impact area, and/or even puncture it. Most of those leave an unpainted portion of the sheet metal exposed, which is an easy way for rust to eventually appear.

Damage to headlamp caused by stone chips

Unfortunately, it is also possible for stone chips to hit the car’s headlamp. That is a completely different problem because, while it is harder for them to be targeted, they are fragile: it is much easier for a small stone to literally break the external cover or, depending on the car model, the very light bulb.

It is always possible to repair everything, of course, but there are drawbacks. Sanding rough edges weakens the metal, repainting portions of the front bumper or the hood never truly matches the original color, and replacing modern headlights with HID and DRL is usually expensive. That is why prevention with the latest paint protection film is the best option.

The best protection films for your road trip

RikeCool strives to offer the best Paint Protection solution on the market. Our XPEL Paint Protection Film (PPF) kits prevent stone chips from damaging your car’s paint work and also provide chemical protection from UV rays that alter the body paint over time.

The potential of our product comes from its quality: XPEL ULTIMATE PLS and XPEL STEALTH films are designed to resist stains, colour changes from UV rays, and physical deformation. And even if stone chips cause a noticeable impact, their self-healing abilities will surprise you. Just leave your car under the sun for a while and the film will return to its original condition.

Our specialised professionals are extensively trained to handle PPF with excellence from beginning to end. They can cut the film in the precise geometry for the specific parts you want to protect and apply it without any errors. That is why our PPF will be very helpful in your road trip to Malaysia.

What RikeCool offers to make your trip better?

The RikeCool team has put together the Malaysia Road Trip Package to protect the parts of your car most vulnerable on road trips.

  • Headlamp Protection
  • Windshield Protection

The headlamp protection offering is strong enough to protect the surface against moderate impact. That includes stone chips and windborne debris, which are common on a road trip.

Next, our high-quality 4-mil windshield protection gives your windshield the armour it needs to withstand heavy impact from stone chips or road debris. If your windshield is ever impacted to the point of cracking or breaking, the film safely holds the pieces together rather than letting them shatter. This keeps you and your friends and family safe from injury and it also makes it easier for you to collect and discard the glass pieces. 

Our 4mil safety windshield protection has many other features that make it an amazing addition to the protection of your car. High clarity, high UV rejection, glare reduction, and heat rejection makes for a pleasant ride anytime of day. The safety film technology provides long lasting protection for the comfort and safety for you and your family.

Let us get you ready for your trip!

Get our Stone Chip Prevention Kit today to enjoy this Malaysia Road Trip promotion for Front Windshield and Headlamp protection. Get in touch with us to find out more and our team will be happy to assist you.


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