The Difference Between RIKESHIELD and XPEL

Whether you’re looking to protect the paintwork from chips and damage caused by the elements, or preserve your bike looking and feeling just like new, Paint Protection Film (PPF) is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding our PPF products: RIKESHIELD and XPEL. We’re going to look at some of the key differences between the two right now.

Firstly, why should you use Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film for bikes is a simple, yet highly efficient invention which basically acts as a protective, near invisible layer of protection to help preserve the paint and body work of a bicycle.

Ordinarily, riding your bike over a number of terrains can result in damage to the paintwork thanks to stones, rocks, and other debris. Not only that, but exposure to the elements can also result in the paintwork becoming faded and damaged.

PPF when applied to your bike can help to protect against chips, scratches, fading, and damage caused by the elements, plus it will also keep the bike looking new and in better condition. As an added bonus, the film is virtually invisible to the naked eye, so you won’t even know it’s there.

XPEL Paint Protection Film

XPEL Ultimate Plus is our premium PPF product which has helped us to become a market leader in Singapore. It is a self-adhesive, water repellent, ultra-high performance, aliphatic polyurethane film which offers total and complete protection for your bike against all paint damage. At just 1mm in nominal thickness it is virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Available in a glossy or a matte finish, you can choose which aesthetic you wish to give your bike. The clear coat utilizes elastomeric polymers which enable scratches and chips on the film’s surface to “heal” as time goes by. Eliminating the need to constantly wash and polish your bike to give it that bright and shiny ‘new bike look’ that we all love so much.

XPEL PPF film does not yellow or fade, regardless of sun exposure, storage conditions, or age, so your bike will stay looking its best for longer. As XPEL film is such high quality, it is widely used on cars and other motor vehicles, giving the exact same finish.

RIKESHIELD Paint Protection Film

You may be wondering why, as we offer what is arguably the best PPF on the market today in the form of XPEL film, when we also offer our brand-new RIKESHIELD PPF. Well, the simple answer is that we want to offer bicycle owners more PPF options in bicycle frame protection.

RIKESHIELD PPF provides users with virtually all of the same benefits of XPEL PPF, more easily. Now, those who intend to DIY their PPF installation, will be able to do so more easily thanks to RIKESHIELD.

Compared with XPEL, RIKESHIELD is extremely similar, other than the fact that it is easier to install on your bike, compared with XPEL which is a little stretchier.

Designed for long-term use, RIKESHIELD PPF is easy to install, weather resistant, water repelling, and aesthetically pleasing and furthermore, thanks to its anti-pollution coating, the film maintains its adhesion consistently and is protected from dirt, dust, and other debris which can cause inferior PPF products to lose their adhesive properties after a few rides.

So, what are the similarities and differences?

Scott Scale Protected by RIKESHIELD
Scott Contessa Protected by XPEL

One of the best things about both products is the fact that they’re so similar to one another.

In terms of tensile strength for example, which is basically the maximum amount of force that the film is able to withstand when it’s pulled, RIKESHIELD has a tensile breaking strength of (N/15mm) = 93.8, with a breaking elongation of 458%. XPEL has a tensile breakage elongation of 200%, with an ultimate strength of 15MPa.

Both have very impressive nominal thicknesses that make them near invisible to the naked eye. RIKESHIELD offers a nominal thickness of just 1mm, whereas XPEL has a nominal thickness of 7.6mil which is just 0.19mm. Put simply, both layers of film are so thin you won’t even be able to see that they’re there.

Both XPEL and RIKESHIELD PPF will make very welcome additions to any bike, and both are very similar indeed. The main difference is the price, as RIKESHIELD offers all of the benefits of a premium PPF product, for a more affordable price.

In terms of weight, there is no difference between the two products.

We listened to our consumer’s feedback and came up with RIKESHIELD as a viable alternative to XPEL PPF and it is already proving very popular in the world of cycling. Find out more about our PPF offerings from the links below and protect your bicycle with us today!

Here’s What Our Customers Say about our PPF Kits

“Rikeshield have way better hydrophobic finish than XPEL. Rikeshield is originally from Japan. That OEM PPF maker is quite renowned while XPEL is from US, I do personally find XPEL a bit thicker if you press your fingernails on it, you can feel there is some difference vs Rikeshield. Rikeshield tends to be on cooler shades while XPEL tends to be on warmer shades. So wrapping on white surface will show the color differences. Rikecool Xpel Singapore did cut 2 pieces similar size of both Rikeshield and XPEL and stick on my previous car for demo, so I can tell there is some difference. Both are very good in my personal opinion as they both have impressive self healing properties so you don’t need to polish or buff. Just put the bike under the sun for a while, all the fine hairline scratches will disappear. Choose the one that is friendly to your budget. Hope this is useful.”

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