We Thank Our Customers For Their Loyalty and Support

Since its incorporation in 2003, RikeCool has established itself as one of the market leaders in automotive Solar Film and Paint Paint Protection Film (PFF). With high consumer confidence in the quality workmanship we provide.  We began offering the PPF installation on bicycles in 2017 after a group of our car enthusiasts customers who are also bicycle enthusiasts requested us to wrap their bicycles with the same high-quality PPF as their cars. While wrapping bikes was initially a request-service only, we moved forward to a full-time service offering in 2020, thanks to this group of pioneers. 

RikeCool’s first Bicycle Paint Protection Film Installation, 2017.
RikeCool conducts a quality check after trying out XPEL PPF on a Brompton bicycle, 2017.

In 2020, sales for bicycles surged as people looked to cycling for transportation and relaxation. With the government ban on e-scooters and the COVID-19 pandemic raging on, many people turned to bikes. As popularity for premium bicycles rose, more people sought out RikeCool to protect their bikes with our bicycle PPF Kits. Our business has expanded so quickly, and we are thankful to all our customers who place their trust in us. We have built a repository of almost 200 different Bicycle PPF kits to date, and the list is still growing.

RikeCool is taking a moment to thank our loyal customers who have been encouraging us from the very beginning. Their support and recommendations to family, friends, and bicycle groups propelled our business to the top, knowing that we use the highest quality of PPF installed professionally by our certified installers. We know it’s much more than just bicycle PPF kits they are after; it’s the utmost customer service we provide to them when they need it the most. 

Many thanks go to Andrew, one of our pioneer customers! We thank you for the confidence you have entrusted us with. Take look at his awesome bikes.

Why are so many people using RikeCool’s bicycle PPF kits?

Many of our pioneer customers were more than happy to share their experience with our Bicycle Paint Protection Kits and our services.

Why Wrapping Your Bicycle Should Be A Must?

“[I have wrapped] 4 bikes so far. It has become a “must do’ item on my new bike. Basically, it helps in making the maintenance of the bike easier. If you catch any scratch, just pour hot water over the area and the scratch is gone due to the self-healing characteristic of the film they used.

– Desmond

“The price of our bikes are usually on the high side and that’s why we will try to protect the frame as much as we can”

– Thomas, pioneer customer with two wrapped bikes, one Bianchi and one Brompton. Look at how amazing his bike looks.

Why Are Customers Choosing Us For Their PPF Needs?

“Services, workmanship and professionalism. Basically, you will have peace of mind when you leave your bike with Rikecool. Additionally, they have the template for my Bike, which means the PPF films are machine cut to cover almost all the surface area that is required.”

– Desmond

“Sebastian, Calven, and Eileen did such a wonderful job. The explanation of XPEL vs. Rikeshield and how the entire process is done took nearly 45 minutes. I chose XPEL because of the high quality and ability to mix matte and glossy on my CHPT3 Brompton. Picked up in less than a week and was impressed with the professionalism before and after service (with photos). Thank you Rike Cool, it is a superb experience and a really trusted partner to our precious machines”

– Wilfred, a huge RikeCool fan. Take a look at his stunning Brompton bike!

Did We Meet Your Expectations With Our Bicycle Paint Protection Film Kit?

“Definitely met my expectations. Actually, it exceeded my expectations. Otherwise, I would not have done 4 bikes with them already.”

– Desmond, pioneer customer who has used our PFF kits on four of his beloved Brompton bikes.

We are delighted that many of our customers have been happy with our products and shared such great positive feedback. Your passion for bicycles is incredible! We have learned a lot from all your feedback as we are constantly looking to improve our services.

We look forward to continuing to serve all of our customers in the local biking community and we thank you for your continued support.

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