Benefits of Antimicrobial RX Protection Film

Right now, with current events in the world, the importance of good hygiene has never been greater.

Bacteria is all around us, we can’t get away from it, and while some bacteria is beneficial, most bacteria has the potential to make us extremely ill. This is why good hygiene is so important.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a door handle, your phone or tablet, a trash can lid, a cupboard door, your fridge door, railings, automotive interiors, gym kit, or anything else, any contact point surface is going to breed bacteria which has the potential to make us incredibly sick.

We realize just how vital it is to practice good hygiene when it comes to contact points and bacteria, which is why we developed our innovative antimicrobial RX8 Protection Film, to be used in a variety of different locations and settings.

Here’s a breakdown of just what it is that makes our RX Antimicrobial Protection Film so beneficial and unique.

What is RX Protection Film?

XPEL RX Gloss Protection Film is our self-adhesive, commercial grade, gloss, zinc-ion infused thermoplastic polyurethane film which we have designed to help stop the spread of germs and bacteria, and to help protect surfaces and products in the process.

Available in RX8 and RX10 options, having been specially formulated to resist the growth of microbes upon its surface, RX Protection Film is treated with a powerful fungistatic agent in order to produce the antimicrobial effects and to prevent any degradation from microorganisms.

RX8 Film is a self-adhesive film designed to protect everyday items such as personal gadgets, phone screens, car interiors, and so on. RX10 Film is an ultra-stiff core constructed self-adhesive film which is more robust and durable, and is better suited for commercial settings with high volumes of traffic such as touch screens, countertops, door handles, and so on…

As well as the fungistatic agents however, RX film is also coated with Zinc Pyrithione which eradicate any microbes upon the film’s surface, while also enhancing impact resistance and screen clarity when used on electronic devices.

Key product features

Whether you opt for our RX8 Film to help protect you and your loved ones at home, or our RX10 film to keep you, your business, your employees, and your customers safe, RX Protection Film will work wonders.

Some key product features include:

Antimicrobial surface protection

Thanks to the Zinc Pyrithione and fungistatic agents that RX Gloss Protection film has been treated with, mould, fungi, bacteria, microbes, mildew, and other contaminants cannot breed or survive upon the film’s surface.

HD clarity

One reason why people are often apprehensive when it comes to using protective film on electronic screen surfaces is because they’re concerned it will hinder the quality of the picture. RX film however, provides HD clarity screen displays and actually enhances overall display and picture quality.

Matte and gloss finish options

RX8 and RX10 Film is available in either a matte, or gloss finish so you can find a film that best suits you and your personal preferences.

Comprehensive warranty

RX8 and 10 Film comes with a fully comprehensive warranty stretching for many years which guarantees that the film is free from defects for years from the initial date of purchase.

Commercial-grade protection

Both RX8 and RX10 films offer commercial-grade protection in a variety of settings. Not only do they offer amazing anti-bacterial properties, they’re also durable and strong enough to withstand everyday wear and tear.


With so much emphasis being placed on hygiene as a result of current events, RX Protection Film is being used in a whole host of commercial and residential settings and can be used in a variety of different ways.

A few examples of how RX Film can be applied include:

  • On screen monitors
  • On touchscreen surfaces
  • On door handles
  • On countertops and surfaces
  • On appliances
  • On kiosks and point of sale surfaces
  • On automotive interiors
  • On medical diagnostic equipment
  • On wearable tech and gadgets
  • And more…

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