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Rikecool did a great job for the film installation on my car with fantastic service!
Alvin Seow,

Fantastic service, great product! My solar film installation at Rikecool was a breeze and kept the interior of my car cool and bearable on hot days. Service was top notch from the staff whom went out of their way to ensure that I was comfortable and taken care of.

Benjy Choo,

Great service and installation procedures at RikeCool. I'm now able to enjoy a cooler ride and having a peace of mind that the paint and the headlights of my car is well-protected.

Chris Longfellow,

Rikecool is fantastic for my car! The installation is fast and convenient, and it really did help my car cool down significantly. I would recommend this to everyone that drives a car in our Singaporean heat! 2 thumbs up!

Yuan Pin,

Thank you again for a great job done on my Beetle. I love the end result.

Ernest Hemmer,

I'm usually fussy when it comes to my cars but Rikecool never fails to deliver. Good film! I love the color and excellent service. Keep it up guys!

Kenneth Yeo,

Rikecool's window flim works very well against the sun. After using competitive brands for the last 18 years, Rikecool's flim works the best by far with temperature control & glare.