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About Rikecool


Established in 2003, Rikecool is a trusted Singapore brand that has been using high quality film from Japan. Our product portfolio for automotive and architecture includes high performance films which enhance comfort and aesthetics, while boosting energy efficiency and safety.

Rikecool has specifically produced a unique solar film which allows 90 % light transmission with heat cut functionalities for the Singapore automotive market. The film meets the stringent requirements of the Land Transport Authority of Singapore, while giving vehicles high tinting performance.

Rikecool Pte Ltd has a team of professionals that will assess your needs, conduct the application and also provide an after-installation programme that is highly regarded in the market.

Our Services

Certified Installers

Dust-free Premises

Large Custom Database of Patterns

Assured Consistent Quality

Certified Installers

Well-trained with the latest techniques, our staff are equipped with in-depth knowledge into the theory of why things work and how the patterns are designed to be installed, rather than simply memorizing steps.

Dust-free Premises

With a clean and dust-free work space, Rikecool ensures clean installation every time.

Large Custom Database of Patterns

Known for high-quality designs, our extensive library contains patterns that fit perfectly, eliminating film waste and reducing installation time.
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Assured Consistent Quality

With researches and experience, Rikecool produces a variety of tested and proven films. The quality of our films are consistent and ensures that our customers gets a satisfied service with an excellent product that is value for their money.


Cuts solar heat in summer and prevents escape of heat from the interior of the vehicle in winter

cuts out harmful uv radiation

Help reduce skin damage and fading interiors by out 99% of harmful UV rays

privacy protection

Ensures privacy from the exterior while ensuring optimum visibility from inside

Hard coat protects against damage

Scratch-resistant coating ensures durability

Shatter Proof Measures

Effectively prevents pieces of glass flying through the air in the event of glass breaking

safety Proof Measures

Our films can help hold shattered glass together in the event of an accident